Under Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003

Called “Code concerning personal data” we inform that the processing of personal data, the only objective to fulfill your specific requests, as well as to provide any information on trade our products and services, will take place at ACCADEMIA NEMO - di Stefano Casini e C SNC
via Dei Bardi 28 - 50125 Firenze - Italia - PIVA 01837760972 . email info@accademianemo.com, with the use of computerized procedures, in the manner and to the extent necessary for the above purposes. The data provided will be treated according to the above Standard, responding to the requirements of confidentiality and legality that inspires our company and for the time strictly necessary for which they were collected; also the data will not be circulated. Your data, for strictly professional reasons and in order to better fulfill our service, may be disclosed to: · our internal staff still appointed by us; · Our sales still appointed by us. The conferment of data is required for the proper performance of contractual obligations and pre-contract, etc. and their absence will make it impossible to complete it exactly the fulfillment of the contractual obligations at our expense, as well as the impossibility of being promptly informed of new products and services offered by our company, etc. The consent is not required when the processing:

Art. 7 Rights of

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a) is necessary for compliance with an obligation imposed by law, regulation or legislation;
b) it is necessary to fulfill obligations arising from a contract which is a party or to fulfill, before the conclusion of the contract, specific requests;
c) with regard to data from public registers, lists, acts or documents available to anyone, subject to the limits and methods concerning the laws, regulations or Community legislation to establish the knowledge and publication of data. Those concerned have the right under Article 7 of the Code, the text of which is reproduced below in this privacy notice, by directing requests to ACCADEMIA NEMO - di Stefano Casini e C SNC
via Dei Bardi 28 - 50125 Firenze - Italia - PIVA 01837760972 email info@accademianemo.com.